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 The Foundation of my company and why luxury fitted wardrobes


            Seeing fantastic products without the same level of customer service let me down so many times leading me to a pivotal point in my life, where I had to decide what I should do next. Working for others wasn't good enough anymore if my passion was wasted by disappointing customer service. I had to make a change.      


            Building my own company based around my unique designs. The desire to have proper impact on a final design, bringing things to life as well as total control of how to run the company, and point our future direction, brought me where I stand today. Proud owner of an extraordinary luxury fitted wardrobes company. Where we take care of our customers throughout every step of our relationship.

Everyday Art - your luxury fitted wardrobe you will fall in love with


            I like to think we are more than just another bespoke wardrobes company. We deliver a final storage solution wrapped in tangible works of art.

Just stop for a sec and enjoy that moment. Pleasure your eyes with every line, curve and detail. Feel the passion we put into your wardrobe bringing it to life.


Our bespoke wardrobes are inspired by


            Inspired by traditional English design with some chic modern influence thrown in, "The New Dimension of Luxury" brings to life a collection of a luxury fitted wardrobes like never before. Simplicity, clear design and fineness of curves combined with the latest technological achievements in soft close solutions and internal lighting gives our customers the final, unique product which is not only a pleasure to the eye but will also change your life.

An eye for detail - all our bespoke wardrobes meet the highest standards


            Customer satisfaction key to my foundation. That's why we put so much pressure on quality control and we make sure we deliver, I expect the highest standards for our customers. Upon every stage, from enquiry to the final fitting and painting, we work closely with trusted and highly approved professionals. It is thanks to them, and they are the real soul of our luxury fitted wardrobes.


            Bespoke wardrobes of "The new dimension of luxury" are characterized by classy and fabulous design. The highest standard and precision in each detail. They will transform your home giving it a new timeless dimension.

Tailoring bespoke wardrobes to suit your needs


            Our luxury fitted wardrobes offer you a range of ten beautifully crafted doors. Each of them is unique and was carefully selected and designed with passion and soul, delivering the most cutting edge design on the market.

            We want our customers to have a truly unique experience, and design a wardrobe like no other, the possibilities are endless from the selection of columns, skirting, cornices, weather handles or even choose to finish in a hand painted colour, see your design come to life with bespoke wardrobes tailored to your space and character. 

More than just luxury fitted wardrobes 


            Here at "The New Dimension of Luxury" we know a truly bespoke wardrobe is not just about its good looks and design, it needs to have a proper foundation with practical everyday usability with real a storage system behind it.


            To make sure our luxury fitted wardrobes meet your expectations we offer wide range of internal assortment be it shelfs, hanging rails, solid drawers, even shoe rails or trays. All of that combined bringing the best possible solution to our clients.


            Looking to go even one step further? Ask our adviser for internal LED strip light solution. Never before have your bespoke wardrobes been so easy to organise with an elegant touch-less internal lighting.

Our luxury fitted wardrobes - Good money value for top quality product 


            The Market is full of bespoke wardrobes and they are not cheap. That's why it is so important to make the right choice. Our luxury fitted wardrobes are not just another run of the mill flat pack. We guarantee that this will be a timeless talking piece of practical art and an added joy to your home. Call our adviser and start your journey today. 


 This is how we bring to life our bespoke wardrobes


Our offer of luxury fitted wardrobes uk

XYZ The New Dimension of Luxury Ltd. is proud to launch the new collection of bespoke fitted wardrobes uk

Bespoke Wardrobes of United Kingdom

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luxury fitted wardrobes uk
luxury fitted wardrobes uk
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bespoke wardrobes uk
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Hand painted on site in a colour of your choice in a waterbase finish


Bespoke wardrobes of United Kingdom.

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